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About Us

“”, serves you in gold and diamond craftsmanship with specially designed sterling silver products, we trade as Ayra Yapi ve Kuyumculuk San Ltd. business. On social networks and in store sales; “” is taking firm steps forward to become a world brand, bringing personalized jewelry design to higher levels with its unusual and customer satisfaction-oriented standards.

Different and Current Models
In addition to modern and trending designs our team reinterprets traditional jewelry fashion for you, we offer personalized silver jewelry products and collections which are unique to consumers. The “website name”, holds a collection consisting of hundreds of models every season, created by its expert design team, it is appreciated for its diversity in its product range.

A Confident & Experienced Team
The “” design team, carries all world fashion trends, we make a difference with our unique collections, appealing to your imagination. “”, provides wholesale and retail services, most of which is produced by the skillful hands of gold and diamond masters, used by thousands in Turkey and around the world, followed and admired on various social networks. Our brand, has become the symbol of elegance with its modern, traditional and unique designs blended with nature and is growing with the support and confidence received by you, we are now on the way to becoming an indispensable product and service of elegance.

General information

***There may be delays in shipments due to public holiday in our country.

🤍 ON ALL PRODUCTS EXPRESS FAST SHİPPİNG TAKES: 2-5 Days to USA, 2-5 Days to Europe, 2-9 Days to rest of the world

● Our personalized jewelery are prepared carefully with the craftsmanship of experienced and skillful hands and made with love.

● The material used in all of our products in our shop is High Quality Solid 925 Sterling Silver.

● If you have concerns about the order or encounter any problems during or after the order, please contact us first. We will try to help sincerely in all matters and be happy to help you

● I hope you love your jewelry very much and come again for visiting our shop

Best Regards
Hasan ❣

Happy Clients

All of our products are 925 sterling solid silver and 100% hand crafted for you Momentin Custom Jewel has the perfect gift for you, whether it is an occasion that you want to remember or someone you never want to forget. Our personalized jewelry is unique and within our range of memorable gift ideas there is something for everyone. You may wish to honor a family member or a cherished pet, and as you look through our extensive range of keepsake lockets, rings and necklaces we know that you will find not only a timeless gift that you will treasure, but many of our clients have also found great comfort having a small piece of a loved one near them. There are endless ways to say I love you or I will not forget you and with one of our beautiful custom made pieces of personalized jewelry that is evidently clear. With Momentin Custom Jewel you can commission an initialed piece for yourself or choose a gift for a friend that will commemorate a moment in time, that means so much.
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