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I’m sure you to once “Mambo No

I’m sure you to once “Mambo No

5” try over, the complete group understood while the fat nothing pig got made it this lady obligations to share with people. Exactly what below average happiness-exactly what fulfillment and you can revenge-every ladies about neighborhood need to have noticed, those who therefore envied new Chilean female just who came to Miraflores in order to change the fresh community of the youngsters graduating for the adolescence one to summer!

Zero, no it just weren’t!

I became the past to find out, whenever Lily and Lucy got already mysteriously vanished, instead of stating goodbye so you’re able to ping within bit with shame” my sis Alberta perform state-of course, if this new extremely rumor had spread all around the moving floors and you may cleaned out this new girls and boys which forgot regarding the the brand new band, its girlfriends and men, and you can kissing, and you can went out over whisper, repeat, end up being alarmed, end up being exalted, and you can open broad its attention brimming more that have malice: “You realize? You discovered? Your heard? What exactly do do you consider? Do you accept is as true? Let’s say? Think! They’re not Chileans! Just a narrative! They’re not Chileans, they will not discover anything regarding Chile! They lied! They fooled us! It created everything you! Marirosa’s sibling discover him or her out! What a couple of bandits, just what bandits!”

They were Peruvians, that’s all they certainly were. Worst something! Terrible anything! Brother Adriana, that has merely showed up from Santiago, must have met with the amaze from her lifestyle whenever she heard him or her consult with this new feature that had fooled all of us however, you to she known quickly once the bogus. How bad the latest Chilean people need to have noticed in the event the pounds little pig’s brother, suspecting the new farce, began to find out about their family for the Santiago, your local in which it lived in Santiago, the institution they went to for the Santiago, regarding the nearest and dearest and relatives of their loved ones within the Santiago, and come up with Lucy and you will Lily consume the fresh bitterest tablet of their brief lives, the sis getting crueler and crueler up until she hounded her or him off the fresh living room and they had been from inside the ruins, spiritually and personally demolished, and you can she you are going to declare so you can her relatives and you will household members plus the stupefied Marirosa: “Into the a beneficial pig’s vision they truly are Chileans! The individuals people never put legs inside the Santiago, of course these include Chileans, I’m Tibetan!”

You to definitely past day’s the summertime regarding 1950-I’d simply turned ten, too-was the beginning of real life for me, living one separates castles floating around, illusions, and you will myths off harsh reality.

Exactly what fulfillment you to definitely little rumors should have sensed as the she informed it in more detail, coloring and you can exaggerating the storyline while the she launched this lady sight broad, large, which have curiosity and you can headache and you will joy!

I never knew having people confidence the whole tale of your own false Chileans, and you can neither did someone else except both ladies, however, I did pay attention to conjectures, hearsay, aspirations, and you can going revelations one, such as a wake of rumors, implemented the fake Chileans for a long period even with they ceased in order to survive-in such a way off speaking-because they were never ever once again greeting to help you functions, otherwise video game, or teas, or area rating-togethers. Harmful gossips said that as the decent ladies off Barrio Alegre and you may Miraflores no longer got anything to would together and seemed aside when they introduced her or him on the street, new guys, the fresh new fellows, the newest people performed pursue him or her, into the magic, how they went shortly after inexpensive people-and you will exactly what otherwise had been Lily and you will Lucy but one or two inexpensive girls regarding particular society such as for instance Brena otherwise El Porvenir whom, in order to conceal the sources, got enacted on their own off because the foreigners and you will tucked in the among the many decent people of Miraflores?-and make aside together with them, doing the items you to definitely just half-types and you can low priced girls help boys perform.

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