Warranty Terms

All products purchased from the “” are covered by a 2-year warranty, unless there is a defect caused by the user. The material we call Resin, which is used in jewelry from a hair strand, can turn yellow when exposed to sunlight for a long period of time. This is normal due to the nature of the resin material and is not covered by the warranty.
In order for the warranty of the products purchased from the ’website‘ to continue, third parties and/or institutions other than the “” should not interfere with the products in any way, measure adjustment, repair, etc. operations should not be performed. In cases that do not comply with the specified conditions, the products are excluded from the warranty.

In the event that the product is broken or damaged due to improper use or as a result of an accident, the products remain outside the scope of warranty.
In case of possible stone falls, the product is examined, if a production-oriented problem is detected, a stone is attached to the product under warranty; any crush, breakage, etc. if detected, the product will be outside the scope of the warranty Terms.
Please check all the products you receive from the “” at the time of delivery by comparing them with the shipment. If you think that any products are missing or damaged in cargo please make a report to the shipping company and inform us by contacting the “” authority. After the necessary examination, your order will be corrected and fully delivered to you as soon as possible. When you receive the product, you agree that the cargo company has fulfilled its duty in full.
You can use the products of the “”, which is a world brand, with the same elegance for a long time, taking into account the Usage Recommendations information sent to you.

Since our products are valuable mineral products, there are no refunds.

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